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We are settled down for the evening in Ganges, Kanaka Wharf, Salt Spring Island.  It was a cloudy and on and off rainy day but no wind to speak of for most of the day.  Our trip over from Sidney was a pleasant one and Al drove from the fly bridge the entire trip while I enjoyed listening to a book on my iPhone.

Ganges1Kanaka Wharf is located just west of the sea plane dock and just a few steps from Thrifty Foods in one direction and Mouat’s Hardware in the other direction.  It is a perfect spot to stock up on Canadian fresh produce and the prices at Thrifty Foods are not too bad.  We are also hoping to find some hardy folks at the Saturday Market tomorrow where we may be able to find some additional fresh items to fill out our menu plans for the trip.

We paid for 2 nights ($100) but anticipate staying a third.  Everyone here is hunkered down for the BIG storm that is coming our way.  When you are out cruising, weather is as important a consideration as any other on our list.  So that was another reason for choosing Ganges.  We were pleased to find a spot on an inside dock where we feel we will be well protected.  We also learned something here that we did not know before.  Starting October 1st, the Kanaka Wharf is reserved for winter moorage.  Several boaters were here in advance of the storm to settle their boats into safe harbor.  These folks reserve their spot on the dock and are not allowed to move the boat or to live aboard during the winter season.  There is still transient moorage on another dock nearer the sea planes and on the east side of the Kanaka Wharf dock.

A note about Wifi…. We are equipped with a 12db gain antenna, 4.5’ tall.  We also have a Wave Wifi Router which allows us to locate even weak wifi signals which we then run through our onboard router.  All of our computers and i-Devices then connect to this router via the usual wifi signal.  Some places have good wifi signals to be found for free, and some are not so good.  In Sidney we were able to connect to the free wifi provided by the City of Sidney.  The marina wifi is not free.  Here in Ganges, there are no apparently free wifi signals.  However, a little creativity can sometimes net you access.  Who would of thought that the Treehouse Café wifi would have a password of “treehouse”.  We are getting good at this, but will be sure to stop for a cup of coffee to show our anonymous thanks.  It’s a slow signal but good enough for email.

Now to turn on our satellite tv and check on the news back home.


Finego Fall Travels 2013

We are Kathy & Al Felker and live aboard our boat, Finego, in La Conner, WA.  I have a store in La Conner, CleverKathy Designs Embroidery and do all types of embroidery and heat press garments for businesses, events, individuals and boaters.  Al is a marine electronics expert and works on all types of boats providing repairs, new or used installations and lots of specialized education. So with both of us being busy with our work during the summer months, it is hard to get away during the prime cruising season.  So we look forward to the time when the streets are less busy with tourists and we can close the shop for a few weeks.

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