What pops into your head when you think of Anacortes?

A Farmer’s Market? How about a bistro (A’ Town Bistro) specializing in fresh, local farm-to-table fare? Did live music in a courtyard with it’s own beer garden come to mind? Of course there are still the old favorites like Marine Hardware and Supply on the north end of Commercial Street and The Brown Lantern Ale House (since 1933) where they are always ready to pour your favorite pint.

Was your immediate thought a fuel dock and Safeway across the street? If so, you are missing out on a whole lot more, great people, places and things that are the fabric of this Great American Town.

Antique stores, galleries and parks are scattered all over town. Take a stroll up to the top of Cap Sante Park. Once up on top the park provides views to the west overlooking the marina and town with the rest of the San Juans as a backdrop. To the south you see Whidbey Island and to the east you can see Hat Island and all of Chuckanut Bay.

If you find yourself in an old boat shop marveling at the hand made violins and many other wooden works of art then you have found a part of the real, genuine Anacortes. Or when you find yourself literally sitting in the Heart of Anacortes, you’ve found what we’ve been talking about.

All of this is just a few blocks away from the Cap Sante Boat Haven, the marina closest to town may just surprise you with all it has to offer. Many recent upgrades to the marina facilities and the addition of party floats create a festive place to create your own event right down on the docks.

The “Gateway to the San Juans” was the town’s label for years. In the past boaters would stop in for fuel and/or provisions and then move along to their next destination. As you make you way up north, come on up the Swinhomish Slough stop in and discover that Anacortes is a destination of it’s own. There are so many great things to discover here!

Keep checking in with Cruising Northwest in the month of April as we discover even more about Anacortes.

 Majestic Inn and Spa


flag marine supply hardware



A'Town Bistro

 Brown Lantern