North Pender

Hope Bay

The General Store has general supplies, there is a small public wharf  for access to the cafe and shops.

Port Washington

The are two docks making up about 200 feet or moorage. Visitors are welcome to use any available space.

(250) 629-6111 Wharfinger’s office

Port Browning

New Docks! And then some. New management and major renovations since the beginning of 2011 have given Port Browning a major facelift. The pub and cafe have been renovated, the shower/restroom facility as well. And of course new docks. If you haven’t been to Port Browning in a while, it might be time to put it back on your cruise plan.
Port Browning Marina
PO Box 126, Pender Island, BC
V0N 2M0 Canada
(250) 629-3493

Otter Bay


If you like quaint bistros, clean pools, sheltered harbors and crabbing right in the bay, Otter Bay Marina is just for you! Since the management change in 2007, the experience is one of bliss.
There are two pools, a family pool and an adults only pool. Friendly service from the staff and management. Otter Bay is now a fixture on our annual summer cruise.
Otter Bay Marina
2311 MacKinnon Road
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M1
(250) 629-3579
Pender Islands
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