State Park Islands in the San Juans

San Juan Island State Park Islands

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Washington State Parks Annual Moorage Permit

Is it worth it for you? The Annual Moorage Permit Rates are: $4 per foot, minimum of $60. Example:
29ft Boat = $116 for an annual pass. The nightly rate is $.60/ft, so it will be $17.40/night. You would have to stay 7 nights at state parks throughout the year for it to save you money. Learn more here at the link below…

You could spend your entire cruise

…just visiting the Washington State Parks within the San Juans. They are honestly all a little different than each other. We will do our best to explain what you can find there, but really you’ll just have to visit them all and determine which one is your favorite!
Patos Island
Sucia Island
Sucia is a magical place. The layout of the islands is very unique. Beautiful views in every direction, plenty of hiking to satisfy your curious feet.
Matia Island
Matia Island is up near Sucia on the Strait of Georgia. The 5-acres at Rolfe Cove are available to boaters as a marine park.

Moran State Park

*On Orcas Island, closest destination is Rosario or Eastsound. Home of Mount Constitution, the tallest point (elev. 2,409 ft.) in the San Juans.
Clark Island
Stuart Island
Reid Harbor is on the west side, Prevost Harbor on the East. They both have a dock and they both have mooring bouys. There are all kinds of secrets and wonders on Stuart Island. From Lighthouses to nature walks… it is a great Island to explore.
Jones Island
The heart of the San Juan Islands…
Turn Island
Just outside and south of Friday Harbor, it might be the easiest Island to get to, although there are only mooring buoys, no dock.
James Island
Spencer Spit
Washington Park
If you are trailering, this is your gateway to the islands. Make sure you check the tides for departure and arrival, either direction is inadvisable at low tide. (Not a state park, we included it anyway!)

City of Anacortes Parks Website