Have you seen Harbor Marine in Everett lately?

100_2835It’s been over a year now since Harbor Marine re-opened in its new location. If you haven’t been up to the Everett Marina to check it out, I promise, you will be more than pleasantly surprised. Lauren Bivins started Harbor Marine working out of his pick-up truck in 1979. He worked on boats in Everett and the North end providing quality workmanship and peace of mind for many grateful customers. A reputation was created for great service and boating knowledge.

NW Marine Exchange was a marine supply house here in Everett at the time, in the mid-80’s it went out of business.  Lauren purchased the remaining inventory and changed the signage, Harbor Marine Maintenance and Supply now had a home.

Late in 2010 Harbor Marine started to prepare for a move. The old Port of Everett building on 14th Street was the home for Harbor Marine for 30 odd years. One can only imagine the massive effort it took to move it all, even if it was just a few blocks away. By January of 2011 they were up and running at the new store. It is located just north of the old store on 10th Street (the boat launch access road) and the difference in the facility is literally night and day.

100_2848The service, industry knowledge, and product selection is still first class. Harbor Marine is the leading marine transmission expert not only in the Northwest but on the entire Pacific Rim. If you had your transmission replaced or rebuilt, there is a good chance it was done here.

Harbor Marine is also a full service boat yard. The new indoor boat shop is huge. Over 60,000 square feet of work space, the existing building was raised 8’ to accommodate larger yachts.
Since the move they have added even more to their offerings. A large selection of fishing equipment and supplies take up the Northwest corner of the store.
In July of 2011 a grocery store was added, one stocked with everything from beer and ice, to espresso and soup. If your galley is in need, you’ll likely find it here.
In the summer of 2012 a restaurant will be added, the store and restaurant are to be named “Fisherman’s”. Among other things they will have fish and chips, sandwiches and burgers. Word on the dock is the signature item will be New York style pizza!

Come on up and see what the new Harbor Marine is all about. It literally has anything a boater needs. And a plethora of items that every boater can use.

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