Memorial Day Weekend 2012

As I get ready to head up to the San Juan Islands for the first long weekend of the season, I feel compelled to remind myself ebbtideand everyone what it’s all about.

My Dad was in the Navy, serving in the late 60’s during the Vietnam War. We lost him 3 years ago to cancer, he was just 65. I will be thinking of him often during our weekend on the water. The soldiers that have served our country over the years and the active-duty that protect us today provide safety and security for us to do the things we want to do with our free time. For that I struggle to find words strong enough, so in the most sincere tone that I possibly can….  Thank You.
This boating thing, it’s a pretty special activity for family and friends. The Armada that I’ll be a part of consists of four boats with somewhere around 12 adults and 13 kids all doing our part to infect generation number four of our family with the boating bug.
I feel very strongly that this is a movement that needs a good push. I hope you all go boating this weekend and I hope you’ll bring some friends along. Try an overnight to a state park or a trip across the sound. Venture even further to a new destination for the 3 day weekend … get out there on the water. The whales, porpoise, bald eagles and harbor seals are all out there waiting to say hello!
Life is short. The memories with your kids and your friends will be forever. The new folks you meet on the dock will become lifelong friends. Magical things happen when you get out and boat.

jones n cove 100_2078I went on my first boat trip as a 3 month old, I’ve enjoyed and valued it my whole life. My grandfather and his brother started this family pastime in 1955. I hope my kids take their grandkids to Roche Harbor to watch colors, or to Hood Canal to clam dig and gather oysters.
I promise, we’ll do our part, the 13 kids with us this weekend are already hooked on boating and the friends that are coming with us are already converted.
Watch the tides, check the weather, be safe… and have fun!
I hope to see you out there!
All the best,
Troy Olason

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