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“You guys have it all figured out” he said with a slight hint of jealousy. I was caught off guard. ‘”What do you mean” I said with a smile on my face. As he started telling me about some of his boating experiences my mind started putting the pieces together.

He was in his white pants, maybe khaki, and a freshly pressed collared shirt. I was wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt. He was going to walk up with his lovely bride and enjoy an amazing dinner at the restaurant. I was about to burn some meat on my little grill for my buddy and I to devour. He just stepped off a 65 foot, million dollar boat. I was sitting next to the Fun Tide.

New Partners

We couldn’t be happier about the addition of our new contributing writer, Christine Smith. Have a look at the first post (of a series) that will cover cruising in general and cruising the inside passage specifically. We are really excited about reading, learning and seeing all that Christine, her husband Jeffrey and the M/V David […]

Let’s Stir the Pot

I was reminded on Saturday how truly wonderful our Northwest Boating Community is. While I have been a part of many “Opening Days” it was the first time I was on the grounds of the Seattle Yacht Club to experience the Opening Ceremonies of the event. I’ll admit there was a time that I looked […]

Get out on the Water!

Since the Native American’s of the Salish Sea carved their first log out so that they could get out on the water, boating has been a huge part of living in the Northwest. Puget Sound, both Vancouver’s, many Islands and towns carry the name of someone who first arrived in our beautiful “corner of the […]

Springing into 2012

We are making great progress moving into 2012! While being in a constant state of shoot now and ask questions later, oh, wait…maybe it is supposed to be measure twice, cut once. Honestly, we seem to always be somewhere in between. Regardless we are pushing forward to fill our pages not just with content, but […]