Desolation Sound

Destination Desolation

Directions… once you get to heaven, it’s right across the street!

The Finego Blog!


Coming soon!

The Inside Passage

Puget Sound to Alaska…


Christine Smith of the David B/Northwest Navigation will share stories from time to time, stay tuned.

Gulf Islands

San Juan and Gulf Island two-Week Cruise

For this cruise our starting point is La Conner. Either you were able to take Friday off and come up from your home port or you are lucky enough to keep your boat there permanently!

San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands 10 day, 9 night Cruise (using only 6 vacation days!)

First of all, take Friday off! Have everything ready to go Thursday night, load up the boat in the morning and get out on the water!

A ‘Park Like’ Setting

Nothing but serene state parks, some have docks and others you’ll either have to grab a buoy or drop the hook…

Puget Sound

Weekend Get-a-ways

Easy over-nighters or 2-night stays that give you that true vacation feeling…

Kitsap Sampler

Simple and fun places to get away no matter what time of year.

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Cruising suggestions… We would love to hear from you about your favorite path through these amazing waters!