Deer Harbor

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N48° 37′ 11.60″, W123° 0′ 12.44″
5164 Deer Harbor Road
Orcas Island, WA 98243
(360) 376-3037
Mark Broman, Harbormaster

Fuel Dock- w/ ValvTect

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Still a favorite cruising destination in the San Juans. Deer Harbor is a great place to enjoy life on the docks. With new ownership now in their second year, Deer Harbor has been freshened and re-energized!

Maybe the main ingredient that makes Deer Harbor so special is the tranquility of the harbor itself. There is even sandy beach right next to the pier to sun bathe, search for sea creatures or build a sand castle.

100_3569 (400x301)The showers and bathrooms are near the foot of the pier, still not on land. The main store and take-out restaurant are at the end of the pier, a great use of space and really good “dock food”.

Down the ramp to the north you will find a couple of floating shops, an art gallery, boat rentals and whale watching boats.

100_3565 (400x301)Down the ramp to the south is the fuel dock.


The food at the dock store is quite good. The breakfast sandwiches, coffee, fish and chips and clam chowder are recommended.

For dinner, many boating families have a tradition of walking up the road (1/4 mile) to the Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant for a good ole’ family style dinner. When available… they might even pick you up in their Cadillac limo!

Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant

We’ve included Deer Harbor on our San Juan Island Cruise…

While you are here…

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Getting around Orcas

Deer Harbor Marina can help you connect to shuttle vehicles and services to help get you anywhere on Orcas Island. Just in to town or up to Mount Constitution…



Deer Harbor Marina webcam

Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, Washington

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The Main Pier: Dock Store, Showers, Laundry, Bathrooms

Marina office, gift shop and boat rentals

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The new party dock!

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thumb Deer Harbor Inn Restaurant

orcas boat rentals