A Salute to 2015 – Weekly Waypoint No. 5

Weekly Waypoint

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Well, 2015 was a pretty good year for Cruising in the Northwest. Exceptional weather, paired with a prospering local maritime economy, created a general sense of optimism. The boat show started off with positive sales and energy, Opening Day was as festive as ever.

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We hope you enjoying the Christmas week and weekend with family, friends and loved ones. We had a great time. Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and Day, we’ll see you on the flip side! Here’s to a wonderful 2016!



  1. Once inside the channel, when entering Fisherman’s Bay (Lopez Island), what is a major cause of severe boat damage and a way to ruin your trip?
  2. What former Seahawk and Husky Wide-Receiver’s family has a south-sound waterfront park named for them?
  3. There are only 2 areas in Lake Washington that you can drop anchor. Name the two Bays.
  4. Jennis Bay Marina is located on what island up in the Broughton Islands area?
Answers at the bottom of the page...

Nautical “Term(s) of the Week”

Windward –  Toward the direction from which the wind is coming.

Sea Cock– A through hull valve, a shut off on a plumbing or drain pipe between the vessel’s interior and the sea.

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2015 in review…

We are working on a collage of sorts to re-cap a wonderful year on the water, here in the northwest. Stay tuned.

Destination of the Week20150804_145945

Montague Harbour Marina

We are so thankful that the Byzyna brothers decided to take on this wonderful challenge. You definitely have to check out Montague if you haven’t been in a while. The time, energy a sweat that have been invested so far shines brightly. Amber keeps them both inline and continues on as the marina manager. Check it out on our Destination Galiano Island page…

CruisingNW’s Meme of the week…

122915 cnw meme

|1. Not seeing red buoy #8 and running aground on the rocky, shallow, south side of the entrance. While entering the bay, stay heading north of Islands Marine Center until you get a visual on red buoy #8. Keep it to your starboard side (red on right, returning) and then continue to your destination, whether it be IMC, Lopez Islander Marina, The Galley Restaurant and Marina or anchorage.

| 2. Paul Skansie | 3. Juanita Bay and Andrews Bay  | 4. Gotcha! Jennis Bay Marina is actually on the mainland. 

All a part of our goal to Discover, expose, share and celebrate everything that is Cruising in the Northwest !

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