Lighthouses – Weekly Waypoint No. 7

Weekly Waypoint

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Lighthouses. We all use them and we all need them, if for nothing else, to remind us where we are and possibly how we got there.

The boat show is a week away! We are really looking forward to 2016… The Boat Show in Jan/Feb, some early spring cruises and events, Opening Day in May followed by a glorious summer on the water!

What are you looking forward to?


  1. Vancouver Island originally had another name attached to it due to a positive negotiation between Captain Vancouver and a Spanish Commander. Can you name it?
  2. Guemes Island was once referred to as Dog Island. True or false?
Answers at the bottom of the page...

Nautical “Term(s) of the Week”

Nautical Mile – One minute of latitude; approximately 6076 feet – about 1/8 longer than the statute mile of 5280 feet.

Rode – The anchor line and/or chain.

(Suggestions? Send us your questions… )

Boat Show move in…

We will be trying to capture a sneak peak as boats and things get moved in and set up. Stay tuned here and on our social media channels!


Destination of the WeekP1020992

Roche Harbor Resort and Marina

There is a special place in the heart of this “boating site” for Roche Harbor. In simple terms, it is where it all started, quite literally.

The Tarte family had a good idea, a real good idea about this “boatel” concept.

If you go cruising, Roche Harbor is a “must visit” destination. History, beauty, nature and plenty of fun.

It’s hard to explain how it can be so magical to simply see some flags come down each night.

Heck, we’ll meet you there.

Click here to see our Destination: Roche Harbor page.

CruisingNW’s Meme of the week…

012216 cnw meme

|1. Vancouver’s and Quadra’s Island. That Spanish Commander eventually got an island named after himself, Quadra Island. His name, Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra.

| 2.  True, known locally as Dog Island in the early 20th century, from the large number of Salish Wool Dogs living wild on the island.

Thank you to our keel club supporters!

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All a part of our goal to Discover, expose, share and celebrate everything that is Cruising in the Northwest !

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