Log Hunting in Edmonds

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A simple day trip from Everett to Edmonds turned into some furious moments right in the path of the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry. April 3, 2011, a Sunday, the weather was overcast with a slight wind at our back creating 1-2 foot rollers that really weren’t much of a problem. Other than the fact that they completely hid the log from the captains view. A couple of knocks on the hull preceded a bang that was followed by a strange whirring sound. The log was about 3 feet long and about 20 inches across, when it glanced off the hull it turned lengthwise then struck the prop squarely and pulled the prop shaft out of the coupler.
A rag was enough to stop the water from coming through the prop shaft through hull and a call was made to the Coast Guard to alert the approaching Washington State Ferry of our situation.
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Luckily we were cruising with three other boats and had help immediately to tow us from in front of the Edmonds Ferry Terminal and into the Edmonds Marina. The Edmonds Marina staff was right there to help, Kevin and his crew take good
cafe of boaters in Edmonds. They slung her out of the water and over to the boat yard where Paul at Puget Sound Yacht Service helped us survey the damage.
A bent rudder, tweaked prop and a slightly bent prop shaft summed up the damage. The parts were hauled out on monday, sent out for repair on Tuesday. The following friday Paul had us back in the water ready to head back to our home port in Everett.
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