December 1st – Weekly Waypoint No. 2

Weekly Waypoint

It’s our second Weekly Waypoint! Where did the time go.


  1. How many feet did Lake Washington drop after the locks were built?
  2. How many full time residents live on Shaw Island?
  3. Bayliner was sold in 1986 for how much?
  4. Orin Edson bought the name Bayliner from Al Koffel (sp?) for how much?
Answers at the bottom of the page...

Nautical “Term(s) of the Week”

Alright then…. lets see. How about something on the boat and something from the sea?


(1) Shallow water. (2) An underwater sand bar or hill that has its top near the surface.

Shipboard crane that can be swung out over the side; used for hoisting or lowering boats and weights.

(Suggestions? Send us your questions… )

Happy Holidays

Enjoy this little number…( Santa Claus is Coming to town )

  • 24 days till Christmas!
  • Hanukkah begins the evening of Sunday, December 6 and ends in the evening of Monday, December 14
  • Kwanzaa 2015 begins on Saturday, December 26 and ends on Friday, January 1

Destination of the Week100_2437

The Port of Kingston! Did you know it is just 9 miles from the locks? We feel this is a great
winter time weekend destination. Not a far cruise, but a definite getaway. Kingston Cove Yacht Club, restaurants, BBQ gazebo on the dock, fuel, pump out, free showers!

Have a look at our Destination page for more about the Port of Kingston Marina!

Destination Kingston

CruisingNW’s Meme of the week…

120115 cnw meme

1. almost 9 (8.8) feet| 2. approx. 240| 3. $425 million| 4. $100

All a part of our goal to Discover, expose, share and celebrate everything that is Cruising in the Northwest !

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