Turkey Week – Weekly Waypoint No. 1

Weekly Waypoint

Cool, you are reading the first entry in our new ‘Weekly Waypoint” segment!  We are excited to deliver a weekly glimpse into the majestic, wonderful and cherished northwest “Cruising Grounds”.

This weekly piece will mostly be a easy going, fun and informative collection of tid bits for your reading and viewing pleasure.

For the most part here is what you’ll find every week…

  • A fun quiz
  • Nautical term of the week
  • Destination of the week
  • “Meme” of the week
  • links to new stories on CruisingNW

We’ll have other items from time to time and provide coverage of any events that we want to you to discover. So, for now, here it is, post #1 of our new feature… the Weekly Waypoint!


  1. Which San Juan Island was once owned by actor Gene Hackman?
  2. What was the name of the boat actor John Wayne owned before the Wild Goose?
  3. Which Gulf Island Provincial Park is featured in the book, “Once Upon an Island”, by David Conover?
  4. How many people (not pigs) died in the Pig War on San Juan Island?
Answers at the bottom of the page...

Nautical “Term(s) of the Week”

Hmmm… where to begin!!! Let’s start of with a couple of them…

A hole in a ship’s side to carry water overboard from the deck.


A storage space in a boat’s stern area.

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you eat to much and have lots of fun with the people you want to spend time with! If you are having Thanksgiving Dinner on your boat we would love to see some pictures! Share them on our facebook page!

All a part of our goal to Discover, expose, share and celebrate everything that is Cruising in the Northwest !

Destination of the Week

We’ve decided to showcase Refuge Cove. Mostly because of their cool new video. We can’t wait to visit this summer!

Refuge Cove on our Destinations page

CruisingNW’s Meme of the week…

112315 cnw meme

1. Fawn Island (it’s for sale) 2. Nor’Wester (it’s for sale) 3. Wallace Islands 4. none

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